LiveCube and Arrow Financials

LiveCube and Arrow Financials is an innovative and powerful CMS (content management system) created to make running an online store simple and easy.

The LiveCube system has been specifically developed to operate with the Arrow Financials software package allowing you to sell to your customers online quickly and easily.


Syncing Your Website & Your Financial Package with LiveCube and Arrow Financials

LiveCube and Arrow Financials uses purpose-built software called LiveSync, which exchanges transaction information between your website and Arrow Financials database.

This allows web orders and payments to be processed directly in to your Arrow Financials system, eliminating the need for additional data entry.

Sell your online products to wholesale and retail customers alike, as your online store seamlessly connects your product catalogue, inventory and warehouse management system.

LiveCube and Arrow Financial's feature-packed system offers the flexibility and ease-of-use you’ve been waiting for.

It’s secure. It’s sensible. It’s simple.


What are the benefits of LiveCube and Arrow Financials?

  • Customisable

    LiveCube is fully customisable to suit the specific requirements of your business.

  • Automated

    The LiveCube system is fully automated, putting more time back in your day.

  • Integrated

    Complete integration with your financial package makes tracking your online transactions a breeze.

  • Easy-To-Use

    LiveCube’s content management system lets you easily maintain all aspects of your website securely, from anywhere in the world.

  • Convenient

    LiveCube provides convenient online shopping for your customers with shopping cart checkout facilities and real-time credit card processing through the bank of your choice.

  • Secure

    Dealers or wholesale customers can securely access their unique pricing structure, update their account details, view their purchase history, enquire about orders, and pay their accounts online.

  • Intuitive

    LiveCube’s advanced WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) CMS editor lets you easily and intuitively update your website and content.

LiveCube delivers all this and more.


“In a recent project they connected our Arrow Financials to a specific Veterinarian software. This new customisation will have literally paid for itself 200 times over within just 12 months.”

Deb Kinder



“Since launching the new site, we have more than doubled our registered users and traffic has increased significantly. The positive response from our customers is reflected in the growth in sales.”

Carrie Anderson

OPC Health


Building Workable Solutions

It goes without saying that no two businesses operate the same way. That’s why LiveCube web applications are developed to suit the individual needs of your business.

Using LiveCube Arrow for the base of your web applications or website allows for full integration with your Arrow Financials package.

Whether you’re in the office, on the road, online or offline, you can rely on your LiveCube solution to deliver reliable, accessible technology to keep your business running smoothly – anywhere, anytime.


LiveCube and Arrow Financials Support

We strive to deliver cutting-edge technology to our clients, which is why we continue to enhance and develop the LiveCube system.

Our Yearly Enhancement Policy ensures your investment continues to grow as the technologies change.

You’ll receive automatic upgrades to your website and apps whenever a new version is released, as well as ongoing support from our LiveCube Team when you need it.

An investment in a Yearly Enhancement Policy guarantees you get the most from your LiveCube and Arrow Financials solution.