LiveCube is a purpose built ecommerce solution for Australian businesses looking to business online.

It comes standard with all the features you need to effectively build and manage your online store, with a range of add-ons to extend functionality should you want your store to do that little bit extra.


Unlimited Products

You shouldn’t be limited by the number of products your online store can sell. LiveCube lets you sell an unlimited range of products through your online store, all standard – no extra fees for additional products.


Shop by Product Category or Manufacturer

LiveCube’s scalable platform means that your online business can change as your needs do. You shouldn’t be constrained to limited functionality. LiveCube has a range of add-ons to extend the functionality of your website and can be integrated with financial, point of sale and warehousing systems so as your business grows, so can your online store.


Guest Shopping

Increase sales with LiveCube’s guest checkout option – it’s nice to get people’s details, but many customers just want to buy something quickly, so why put them off by making them “sign up or sign in” first? Guest shopping option streamlines purchases and increases conversions, giving customers a good user experience.


Ratings & Reviews

Customers love to talk. Capture their authentic conversations wherever they choose to talk — on your site, on your retailers’ site, and via social networks.

Then take those online conversations and syndicate them into the purchase path at the right time and place to influence sales.


Gift Cards

Allow the gift of giving! Your customer can buy gift cards, all managed by your gift card management system, making it easy to set amounts, expiry dates and apply to online purchases, all taken care of automatically, no fuss.


Discounts / Coupon Codes

Keep your customers coming back for more, build loyalty and measure social media and offline marketing campaigns with your coupon code /discount module to get people returning to your store time and time again. Just like gift cards, you can set amounts, apply to only certain products or for limited times.


Amazing Product Images

Your customers may not be able to touch and feel your products, but with multiple images for each product, auto image resizing and cloud zoom, they get the next best thing. LiveCube provides detailed product view functionality making your products look great!


Audio & Video Integration

Incorporate video or audio media into your product pages for that extra impact to increase sales. It’s easier to sell a guitar online when a customer can watch and hear it get played! Get creative with your media and watch your sales increase.


Show Stock Quantities

In stock? Getting low? < 5? – help provide your customers with a great user experience with stock quantities, manage your stock easier by automatically taking stock offline when there are only a couple of items remaining to save over purchasing, this unique standard feature can come in very handy!


Related Products

Upsell and cross sell, increasing your average purchase price with “related products” module – you can choose which products are related to help your customers buy additional items they may be interested in.


Comparison Shopping Feeds

No one likes a lonely website. Being found online is crucial to your website’s success. LiveCube comes standard with built in product feeds for Australian price comparison sites such as GetPrice and MyShopping to deliver customers to your store after comparing prices online.


Easy to use What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Web Editor

LiveCube runs a WYSIWYG web editor that allows regular, non-technical people to easily add and edit web content. It is easy to upload PDFs, images, insert hyperlinks, and embed YouTube clips or Sound Cloud audio. There’s also a whole range of extra buttons for doing cool stuff that you can test out in the demo.


Product Revenue Performance

Let LiveCube tell you which online marketing channels and referrals are driving most of your business. With built in e-commerce revenue tracking you can use your Google Analytics to identify where your sales are coming from and which channels are working best for your business!


Unlimited Pages

Add as many pages as you like, life shouldn’t be about limitations. Content is important and you can add as much of it as you like!


Social Media Integration

People can easily share your content with LiveCube’s integrated social media plugins, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many more. You can also include a Facebook fan box or Twitter feed, as standard.


Rotating Feature Image Banner

Create engaging testimonials, promote specials, or just show off your capabilities with LiveCube’s feature banner functionality. You can upload your own graphic banners with just a couple of clicks to promote next month’s special, put up your holiday opening hours or just to spread the word of your happy clients!


News & Announcements

Spread the word! LiveCube’s News module allows you to quickly and easily make announcements of upcoming events, changes to the company or general news. These can be added to your homepage to show the world what you’ve been up to.


Newsletter Sign Up

Don’t let those website visitors get away! Capture their email addresses to build relationships and trust so that when they’re ready for your services, you are the first business they think off. LiveCube comes standard with a newsletter sign up form integrated with global email marketing platform Constant Contact.

Already using an email marketing platform? That’s ok; just tell us which one and we’ll see how we can integrate with it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Save time answering the same old questions time and time again with LiveCube’s comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page functionality. Easily add commonly asked questions and their answers for your clients, to save on phone calls and free up more of your time!


Google Maps

Being found is paramount to your online success, that why we’ve included dynamic Google maps standard into LiveCube’s contact page. Let your customers drive straight to your door, instead of around the neighbourhood, they’ll appreciate it.


Contact From

Measure your enquiries with a contact form for customers to enquire. LiveCube’s contact form is designed in such a way that you can set up tracking in your Google analytics to measure where your enquiries are coming from!


Search Engine Optimised (SEO Ready)

LiveCube comes standard with search engine friendly URLs to help get your products found in the search engines. It also dynamically generates default SEO meta data and auto creates an XML sitemap that can be submitted to the search engines to help explore your sites pages. It comes with a dedicated SEO tab when you want to include those all-important researched keywords and engaging copy to increase clicks through to your site!

And many more…