LiveCube is a powerful e-commerce solution customised for people doing business in Australia, just like you.

Unlike many global e-commerce solutions, LiveCube is customised for the Australian market, which means you won’t need to spend hours configuring US based e-commerce systems to fit with the way we do business Australia.

LiveCube automatically calculates GST, includes ABNs on invoices and integrates with Australia’s leading distribution channels, such as Australia Post and comparison shopping networks such as GetPrice, all as part of the core product.

There are multiple LiveCube solutions available:

  • For stand-alone / pure play online stores or if you just want to sell some products online.
  • For bricks and mortar retailers looking to expand online and become multichannel retailers.
  • For wholesalers or manufacturers looking to streamline orders from your resellers / dealers.

Whatever your online store requirements, there is a LiveCube product to suit.


LiveCube is also built with integration in mind, no matter what the software – LiveCube’s dynamic platform means it can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.

To view a list of just some of our integrations please click here